Researchers on the nutrition front are discovering that setting a couple of rules are more helpful than getting people to commit to more broader resolutions such as to eat healthier foods.  These can be simple things like eating with other people and remembering that grocery shopping online can be better than going to the store  Clearly something must be done.  One in 7 Americans has Type 2 Diabetes and nearly three quarters of Americans fit the official definition of being overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC.  Some recent surveys showed that obesity rates rose even faster during the pandemic than they have historically.  Making a grocery list of healthy foods and then ordering them online is a much better idea than in-store buying, which often results in impulse purchases of junk food, said the researchers.  Studies have also shown that when eating with friends or family, we tend to make more rounded meals including vegetables, dietitian Barbara Mayfield told the Wall Street Journal.  Also, make sure that you get at least six and a half hours of sleep.  The more hours you are awake the more time you have to eat and researchers found that people who didn’t sleep enough gained weight.

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