The AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline issued an alert regarding a number of scams which are hitting seniors in wealthy pockets of Monterey County like Carmel and Pebble Beach.  Here are some examples of phone call scams you don’t want to fall for:

  1. Your doctor reached out to us because he is concerned with the cancer that runs in your family and would like you to take a DNA swab test.  This test is covered by Medicare, and we just need your Medicare number to process and ship out the order.
  2. This is Apple Inc. We’ve detected Malware on your computer and need you to download AnyDesk onto your phone so we can help you.
  3. This is Agent McMurphy from the IRS and I am calling to tell you that you have a federal arrest warrant for not paying your taxes.
  4. Nana, it’s me, Henry. I was away for spring break and got arrested because my friend was driving while drunk, and we hit a pregnant woman!  Please don’t tell Mom and Dad.  I need your help.
  5. This is Amazon Security calling to inform you that there’s been an attempt to order items on your account. Don’t worry, we can help with the refund, I just need a few pieces of information from you to get this started.
  6. This is PG&E and we are notifying you we are going to shut off your electricity today if you don’t pay your past due bill immediately over the phone.
  7. This is the Social Security Administration and your Social Security check has been frozen due to fraudulent activity. Please press 1 to take care of this matter.

Hear these words?  Hang up!

Source: AARP Bulletin

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