Centenarians, those living to be over 100 years old, are one of the fastest growing demographic groups in the United States.  The number stands at 92K, with most of them women.  This demographic has expanded by 44% since 2000, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 40 years people in this demo will be 6x higher than today.  Genetics plays a big part in how long you live.  A Boston University School of Medicine study found that genetic markets accounted for 61% accuracy in predicting who lives to be 100.  However, Dr. Thomas Perls from Boston University School of Medicine said it’s like winning the lottery—only one in 5,000 people will make it to be 100.  The lucky ones planned financially for a long life, but many people don’t consider this long of a life a possibility when making their retirement plans.  Longevity planning is becoming a new vocation.  It combines conventional financial techniques with life planning.  In addition to your genetics, however, lifestyle can play a big part.  Staying socially and mentally vibrant are key.  If you retire from work, you should take up some volunteer efforts to keep your mind active, say experts.

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