The disabled face myriad problems when traveling, particularly when flying.  But technology can help ease some of these problems.  USA Today did a study and recommends these apps:

Microsoft Seeing AI:

This app is for people with visual or cognitive impairment and uses the smartphone camera to read and recognize what it views.  When held in front of short text, the app will read back what it sees.  It can also describe scenes and people, and recognize types of currency.

Be My Eyes:

This app for iOS and Android uses crowdsourcing to help blind and low-vision people.  More than 5 million volunteers are available to assist users through a live video call to help with tasks like reading signs or seeking directions.

Access Now:

The website and app map out information on locations, providing details on the level of accessibility.

Google Maps:

Two years ago, the app introduced an “Accessible Places” feature so users can more easily see which destinations are wheelchair accessible.

Google Keep and Apple Notes:

These note-keeping apps can be used to keep all necessary documents in one place on your smartphone.