At Family inHome Caregiving, we stress that seniors should get the proper amount of exercise, plenty of social interaction, and eat a healthy diet.  Many of our clients are in their 90’s and some even over 100 and most have led very healthy lives which lead to their longevity.  It’s difficult at that age to develop an exercise routine, but if you don’t have the energy, try going for long walks.  You can go to the beach, many of our public parks, or just walk around the neighborhood.  You might even make some new friends.  Being sedentary, with low overall fitness, raises your mortality risk as much as or more than smoking, high blood pressure and heart disease.  An analysis of studies on people ages 54 to 65 found that binge-watching TV for four plus hours per day may make you 35% more likely to develop blood clots in the thigh and lower leg.

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