There were 69 new COVID-19 cases announced for Monterey County, bringing the total up to 40,532 and one new death.  Unfortunately, we are starting to see more and more post-COVID-19 recovery problems.  In a recent survey in the Journal Circulation, the American Heart Association predicted a surge of cardiovascular deaths and disease in the months and years to come.  “We don’t have a lot of well-vetted data up to the minute on the cardiovascular impact of COVID because we are living through the pandemic now,” said Dr. Mitch Elkind, president of the AHA and a professor of neurology and epidemiology at Columbia University.  Nationwide, there were 129,592 new cases, for a total of 26.898 million.  Deaths rose by 3,663 to 460,849.  In California, there were 11,061 new cases for a total of 3.395 million, while deaths rose by 446 to 43,631.  Please stay home and stay safe.

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