There was a bleak outlook for coronavirus on the Peninsula, with almost 200 new cases reported yesterday, with four more people in the hospital and four new deaths, bringing the cume total to 128.  A new study was released which showed that 13% of ag workers tested positive between July and November, compared with 3% of Californians that tested positive during the pandemic.  It found that a frightening 57% of those in Monterey County who reported feeling COVID-19 symptoms went to work anyway. Across the United States, there were 160,900 new cases bringing the total up to more than 14 million.  Deaths were up by 2,129 to 274,762.  In California, there were 16,494 new cases which brought the total up to 1.3 million.  Deaths rose by only 40, a good sign.  Please try and stay home and stay safe.

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