There were 132 new coronavirus cases reported in Monterey County today. This brings the total to 42,016, with two new deaths reported.  Nationally, the numbers are better.  There were only 59,462 new cases reported, for a cume total of 28.2 million cases.  There were 1,825 deaths, for a total of 501,014.  In California, there were 4,338 new cases for a total of 3.5 million, with 205 new deaths.  That makes for a grand total of almost 50K deaths in our state.  On the good news front, a new study suggest that both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines may also prevent infections.  The Mayo Clinic studied 31K people who had received at least one dose of either vaccine.  They found the vaccines to be more than 80% effective at preventing infection for 36 days after the first dose.  Vaccine efficacy was 75% 15 days after the first dose and 89% effective from 36 days after the first dose.

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