There were 52 new cases reported over the past six days in Monterey County for a total of 43,506, with no new fatalities during the same time-frame.  Over 58% of eligible residents of Monterey County have been vaccinated, compared with nationwide 44.3% of the country has had at least one dose, while 31.6% are fully vaccinated.  According to news reports, the next generation of COVID-19 vaccines may come as a pill or nasal spray, which would make them easier to store and transport.  Nationwide, there were 48,003 new cases, for a cume total of 32,577,379.  Deaths rose by 720 to 578,713.  According to the CDC, California now has the lowest rate in the country of COVID-19 cases per capita, while Monterey has one of the lowest in the state.  In California, there were 1,766 new cases, for a cume total of 3.75 million, while deaths rose by 70 to 62.035.  Please stay home as much as possible and stay safe.

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