There were 18 new cases of coronavirus reported in Monterey County today, bringing the total to 42,979 cases, with no new deaths reported.  Vaccinations in the county continue to rise, with 35% of eligible county residents receiving at least one dose of the vaccine.  Nationwide, there were 77,624 new cases for a grand total of 30.508 million.  New cases rose for the third day in a row, with more than 15K more new cases than two days ago.  Deaths rose by 1,441, more than double the 561 reported yesterday.  In California, there were 3,836 new cases, more than double the 1,858 cases reported the day prior.  Deaths came in at 259 (versus 95 yesterday), for a cume total of 59,492.  These numbers are not looking good, please stay home and stay safe as much as possible.

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