There were 133 new COVID-19 cases announced for Monterey County, bringing the total up to 40,237.  In the early stages of the pandemic, Monterey was faring much better than the rest of the country.  That’s not true anymore.  8.14% of the U.S. population has contracted COVID-19 versus 8.51% of Californians and 9.27% of Monterey County residents.  That translates to Monterey over-indexing the country by 5% and 9% of California.  The death rate, as a percentage of coronavirus diagnoses, now stands at 1.7%.  Nationwide, there were 119,014 new cases, for a total of 26.642 million.  Deaths rose by 5,206 (more than double the reported 2,198 from the day prior) to 453,965.  In California, there were 12,516 new cases for a total of 3.369 million, while deaths rose by 566 to 42,483.  Please stay home and stay safe.

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