`The IRS will take public comments through May 25 on a controversial change to the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act, which passed in 2019.  Known as the SECURE Act, it allowed anyone who inherited an IRA to withdraw the money any way that they wanted, including skipping annual distributions, provided the account was drawn down to zero by the end of year 10.  Now, the IRS is proposing that this option would only be available to non spouse beneficiaries who inherit an IRA if the original owner dies before having to take required minimum distributions.  If the original owner dies after April 1 following the year of the person’s 72nd birthday, the date when RMDs are first required, non spouse beneficiaries must take RMDs in the first nine years and then empty the account in year 10 (Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, May 2022 page 14).

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