COVID-19 made this year’s spring forward especially hard to get used to, say sleep experts.  Dr. Abhinav Sing, a physician at Indiana Sleep Center, says about 40% of people have experienced sleep problems, what he calls “coronosomnia,” during the pandemic.  To help get your sleep rhythm back on track, try these apps:

Casper Glow Light:

When you’re ready for bed, flip the light over to turn it on.  Depending on the time you’ve selected, the light will slowly fade over a period of between 15-90 minutes.

OneClock Analog Waking Clock:

This minimalist clock will gently nudge you awake in the morning.  Waking songs currently include atmospheric, invigorating pieces.

Somnox 2 Sleep Robot:

As you hold the 3-pound rechargeable jelly bean to your chest like a teddy bear, it’s soft in-and-out movement and sounds are designed to encourage deeper breathing.

Wesper Sleep Kit:

After sleeping for at least three nights with patches stuck to your chest and stomach, you schedule an initial video consult with a sleep specialist, who will analyze the results and come up with potential solutions.

Dodow Sleep Aid:

This 3 inch device uses a pulsating light to coach your breathing at night.  Tap the top as you climb back into bed, and the battery-operated device projects a blue circle onto your ceiling.  You inhale when it expands and exhale when it retracts, which helps control your heart rate and help you fall asleep quickly.


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