The Mediterranean Diet has been shown to increase longevity and reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and high cholesterol.  It’s high in Omega-3 rich foods like salmon and other fresh fish as well as nuts and seeds, and avoids a lot of red meats.  Some people think that just taking a lot of vitamins and supplements can ward off many diseases.  But the truth is, eating a healthy diet high in Omega-3 and other things that ward off disease is better than simply taking fish oil and other supplements.  A 2020 JAMA study of more than 13,000 people with high heart disease risk with an average age of 63 compared groups taking Omega-3 and a placebo.  There were no benefits found from taking the fish oil.  Another study in 2019 which analyzed 127,000 people showed that taking Omega-3 supplements derived from fish oil reduced the risk of death from heart disease as well as heart attacks.  So the jury is still out on this topic but you should definitely focus on eating more fresh fish like salmon.

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