Retired baby boomers are at a high risk of COVID-19, and marketers are using this as an opportunity to market more to older people who want to stay at home.  Companies like Nestle SA, Colgate-Palmolive Co. and Danone SA are launching new products aimed at consumers who are increasingly saying they are interested in aging well, but staying at home.  “We clearly see healthy aging, even more now with the COVID world, as a huge trend,” Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber said.  The Activia yogurt maker recently launched a whey-protein product that they say aids muscles, joints and bones.  Nestle launched a powdered milk aimed at older adults that it claims enhances mobility.  Increasingly, the company has shifted its focus from making food and drink to aid the recovery of people in hospitals to helping people from being admitted in the first place.  What a great mission.

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