AARP The Magazine is great for coming up with money-saving ideas, and their latest study (August/September 2022 Issue, page 16) focuses on dropping cable or satellite in favor of free options called FAST (free, ad-supported streaming TV).  They recommend trying the following options:


This is Amazon’s new free TV service with an average of six to seven minutes per hour, and shows like Hollywood Houselift With Jeff Lewis and Bosch: Legacy.

Roku Channel


Highlights include Emeril Tailgates, shows by Martha Stewart and Christopher Kimball as well as 3,000 older episodes of their shows.



Shows include Downton Abbey, the first five seasons of The Office and all episodes of Saturday Night Live.


Pluto TV

This includes a plethora of shows from A&E, AMC, CBS, CNN and Paramount plus game shows like Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune and Let’s Make A Deal.



Shows include The Freak Brothers, The Masked Singer and TMZ.

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